Fredericksburg Memorial Plaque Dedication
June 18, 2011

A memorial was held at the Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX on June 18, 2011 to dedicate memorial wall plaques for Robert Tuggle Jr., Warren H. Loyd, Vernon L Tebo and Philip W. Nearing.

View the full 1-Hour video by clicking [here].


    USS Shipley Bay CVE 85
Produced by:  John M Russell

John M Russell served aboard the Shipley Bay during WWII as the ship's photographer. This original 16mm film was shot entirely aboard the USS Shipley Bay.  This is the only know film footage in existence specific to the Shipley Bay. John Russell converted the film to DVD in 2009 and you can view it by clicking [here].

    WW2 Escot Carrier Landings and Takeoffs
Produced by: OkraJoe on YouTube

This brief video does not include any footage of the
USS Shipley Bay.  It includes outstanding Carrier Landings and Takeoffs from other Escort Carriers.





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