The photo above is believed to show President Franklin D. Roosevelt reviewing the first model of a Casablanca Class Escort Carrier.  
  Aero-Nautique custom built the first official model of the USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) as a tribute to our veterans.  [Read More]  
The first known mass production model of a Casablanca Class CVE was produced by H.A.Framburg in December 1944 for use by the military as a training recognition model.  This 1/1200 scale recognition model shown above was cast in metal and is about 5"  long.  This tradition lives on with a variety of detailed 1/1200 scale descendants produced today. 
  H.A.Framburg also produced a complete set of US Navy recognition ship models including the Alaska Class Cruiser shown above.  This model was contributed to the USS Shipley Bay Archives by Ron Swanson from the Telecommunications History Group.  

The model shown above is a highly detailed Casablanca Class CVE also produced in a 1/1200 scale metal waterline kit.  In this scale, one inch of model equals 100 feet of actual ship and is also 5" long. Note the scale and detail comparison with the H.A.Framburg model shown in the previous photo.  This kit is available through ALNAVCO along with many other military miniature metal models

  The ultimate ship model is a custom build for display in a museum.  The above model of the USS Santee, CVE-29, a Sangamon Class CVE was constructed in 1/96 scale by Bill Waldorf and is about 5' long.  The model has been placed at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, Va. and is on permanent exhibit.  

Click [Here] to view the complete USS Santee CVE-29 photo album.

Click [Here] to view Bill Waldorf's USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68

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