Aircraft Carrier Memorial      
  The Aircraft Carrier Memorial is located in San Diego, CA.  The Memorial  commemorates all U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers and all who served in them or have flown from their decks.  The Memorial was sponsored by the Aircraft Carrier Memorial Association and dedicated on February 17, 1993.  Two life-size bronze sculptures were added in 1995 and 1996 and represent a sailor and a naval aviator.

Kathy Jo Nearing, daughter of Philip W Nearing, visited the Memorial on July 27, 2005 with her husband Dwight Cole and contributed these photographs.

  Standing as the centerpiece to the Memorial is a 9-foot polished black granite obelisk engraved with the names of all 165 carriers, from USS Langley (CV-1) to USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76).  The USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) engraving is shown in the photo above.

53 Fleet Carriers              
  2 Training Carriers           
11 Light Carriers              
84 Escort Carriers             
15 Amphibious Assault Ships


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