Bernard Marcus MacDonald      
  Bernard (Barney) Marcus MacDonald (1922-2001) was born in Anaconda, Montana and was working as a machinist at the Anaconda Company smelter when he joined the Navy in 1941. He received his wings at Pensacola as a carrier pilot of his Avenger torpedo bomber, and served in the Pacific near Formosa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. He was his fleet’s champion middleweight boxer.

Barney and “Spud” Dira were married in 1946, and they had six sons. Barney attended Montana State College and graduated from the University of Montana. He was a very successful high school coach, principal, and beloved teacher. After his retirement from teaching in Ripon, California he worked in real estate and spent many summer days fly-fishing in western Montana with his sons and friends.


  Barney MacDonald flew a TBM Avenger with the Fishhook Squadron VC-97.  The photo above was taken over Okinawa.    
  The album shown on the left contains documents, certificates and other related information contributed by the Bernard MacDonald family.

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  A painting by  LT Bernard MacDonald found by his family in 2016.  The painting depicts LT Bernard MacDonald and crew during operations over Okinawa.  A Dauntless Helldiver is shown attacking a Japanese aircraft carrier.  


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