John M. Russell Video                
  USS Shipley Bay CVE 85
Produced by:  John M Russell

John M Russell served aboard the Shipley Bay during WWII as the ship's photographer. This original 16mm film was shot entirely aboard the USS Shipley Bay.  This is the only know film footage in existence specific to the Shipley Bay and includes combat flight operations of the Fishhook Squadron VC-97.  John Russell converted the film to DVD in 2009.

    Film Sequences:          
    Preparing deck for takeoffs          
    Pilot scramble for planes          
    Catapult takeoffs          
    Preparing catapult for takeoffs          
    Signal for takeoff          
    Gun camera footage          
    Flyover by returning planes          
    LSO Landing Signal Officer          
    Caught by barrier cables          
    Destroyer returning downed pilot          
    Preparing beeches buoy lines          
    1st trip: 10 gallons of ice cream          
    Pilot returned          
    Damaged plane          
    Seabag, ship's mascot          
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