We have established a fundraising campaign through 'gofundme' for those who wish help our veterans tell their stories.  Click on the link below to donate.


Our World War II veterans have many untold stories. We are working to preserve, document and bring some of those stories to you. The USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) and Air Squadron (VC-97) website is dedicated to the heroic American men and women who contributed to the World War II struggle and ultimate victory. We have a clear and focused mission to share the complete history of this Escort Aircraft Carrier and her attached fighter - bomber squadron.

The USS Shipley Bay website was launched in 2009. We have been able to digitize and publish some of the veteran stories but have many more to process and publish. Our contributors have provided us with artifacts, photographs, videos, books, models and their individual stories. Visit our website to see what we have accomplished so far.

We are looking for donations to upgrade computers, scanners, image conversion tools and software. We are also looking at ways to give back to our community. We will donate 10% of all funds to a new USS Shipley Bay Memorial Scholarship Fund and 10% to The Telecommunications History Group (THG) 501c3. Visit our website periodically to see what your donation is actually accomplishing.

Please help us preserve this chapter of American history!

Patriotic Regards,

USS Shipley Bay Volunteers

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