We have obtained various documents published throughout the USS Shipley Bay's history.  These chronicle events beginning with her launching and end with "Operation Magic Carpet" that brought our American veterans back to the United States after World War II.  As each of these documents are converted to digital format we will publish them below.  
  George H Bush Letter

Letter to USS Shipley Bay veterans, family members and all veterans in attendance for the Fredericksburg Memorial Dedication.

  USS Shipley Bay Plans

These plans were donated by the ESCAA
  Bosn's Whistle

The USS Shipley Bay's christening and launching was announced in this issue of the Kaiser Vancouver Shipyard magazine.

  USS Shipley Bay Commissioning Issue

This 12-page pamphlet documents the official Commissioning Ceremony and the ships beginning of active service.

  Plank Owners Certificate

This certificate was awarded to crew members at the Commissioning Ceremony

  USS Shipley Bay News Buoy

This was the ships official newspaper that was published onboard and included graphics and sketches from crew members.

  USS Shipley Bay Passenger Guide

This 19-page pamphlet was issued to service men returning to the US after World War II as part of  "Operation Magic Carpet".

  Dilbert The Pilot

These hand drawn cartoons were used as training posters for US Naval Aviators.

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