John M Russell      
  John M. Russell was born and raised in Menomonie, Wisconsin.  He graduated from Menomonie High School.  He served our country in the US Navy during WWII as a photographer on the USS Shipley Bay. 

After the war he returned to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned a BA in art education and worked on his masters in applied art.

John is a professional photographer, author, artist,  historian and public speaker.  Some of his distinguished works are published on the Wisconsin Lore & Legends website.

  John has written over 2500 weekly columns for the Dunn County News.  In 2008 he published a column titled
"Souvenir of War" telling the story of why Emperor Hirohito's Imperial Palace was off limits to Allied bombing.  His complete story can be read in PDF format by clicking here.

John has contributed many of the photographs and stories you have access to on this site.  He is one our first contributors and helped inspire the initial vision to launch


  While serving aboard the USS Shipley Bay, John captured the only know 16mm film footage.  The video can be watched on this site by clicking [here].  
  John M. Russell sitting at his desk in the Photo Lab onboard the USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85)  
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