JB Cody        

JB Cody
Aviation Machinists Mate Third Class

JB Cody was born in Detroit, Alabama. The family later moved to Lake Cormorant, MS, where JB and his sisters attended high school.  He served our country in the U. S. Navy during WWII as an aviation machinist’s mate third class aboard the USS Shipley Bay.

While home on leave in 1945 he met Marjorie Elaine Love at a USO dance in Memphis, TN.  When he was discharged from the Navy after the war, JB returned to Memphis where he and Marjorie began their 62 years of marriage
Being mechanically inclined, as evidenced by his work as machinist’s mate in the Navy, JB and his young family moved to Starkville, MS, where he attended Mississippi State University.  He graduated in 1954 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  After graduation they returned to Memphis where they raised their family.  In the early 1990’s JB and Marjorie moved to Fernandina Beach, FL, where they enjoyed their retirement years.

  The following memory was provided by JB Cody's son, Steve Cody.

JB is my dad's full “first and middle” name. It wasn’t short for anything. My grandparents wanted him to have only initials for a name so that no one could attach a nickname. I believe my grandparents must have had experiences in their lives with people making fun of their names, William Burly and Azilee Jesse Cody. I’m sure they had good intentions but at times in my dad’s life initials only caused him trouble. He told me there were times when he wished he had a real name even it was Jay Bee Cody! He shared one story about this with me involving his service in the Navy where many times he had trouble getting paid as his pay voucher said JB Cody. The pay officer would refuse to pay him until he signed his “full” name. So, he started signing his name as J (only) B (only) Cody and they would call him Jonly Bonly Cody.

  USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) V-1 Division photograph.  
  USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) at anchor shown transporting aircraft.  
  JB Cody's Journal  JB Cody kept a detailed personal journal during his service aboard the USS Shipley Bay.  This journal was scanned and contributed by his son, Steve Cody.  The journal image shown above documents strikes against Sakishima by Air Squadron VC-97 and the loss of fighter pilot Lieutenant (jg) William Frank Waters Jr.

The complete journal can be viewed by clicking [Here].

  JB Cody's US Navy uniform, color portrait, American flag and journal.  Photo provided by Steve Cody.  
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