Spam Cans, Rice Balls and Pearls
Author: Bruce Muench
Bruce provides a unique look at life aboard the USS Shipley Bay in one chapter of his book.  We have provided a copy of Chapter-7 titled "Aboard The Shipley Bay"
  Wings Over Sakishima
Author: Fredio Ray Samples
This History of the Air War at Sakishima Gunto includes operations by the USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) and the Fishhook Squadron VC-97 against Japanese Kamikaze airfields on Miyako and Ishigaki Jima.
  Squadron VC-97 Farewell
This small green felt covered book was put together by Lt. Commander Mark Twain Whittier and the men of the "Fishhook" Squadron VC-97 as a farewell gift to the "Skipper" of the USS Shipley Bay.
  Shellback Booklet
This small paper booklet documents the initiation ceremony where sailors become shellbacks when crossing the equator for the first time.
  US Navy Department Regulations
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