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This site is dedicated to the USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) Casablanca Class Escort Carrier including attached composite Squadron VC-97 and everyone else associated with her during World War II.  In recognition and appreciation for those Americans who helped build this great warship, served onboard or flew from her deck, we are grateful!

Contributions to this site have been made by sailors, airmen, historians and veteran family members.  Items from their collections are a tribute to the USS Shipley Bay history and all of those who participated in the World War II effort.  Support for this site comes from those USS Shipley Bay Contributors dedicated to preserving this unique part of our American history.



USS Shipley Bay Model Commissioned
Aero-Nautique custom built the first museum quality model of the USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85).  This model project completed on November 13, 2012 as a tribute to our veterans. [Read More]


Fredericksburg Memorial Dedication
A memorial dedication was held at the National Museum of the Pacific War on June 18, 2011.  Plaques were dedicated for Squadron VC-97 airmen Warren H. Loyd, Vernon L. Tebo, Robert Tuggle Jr. and USS Shipley Bay Seaman Philip W. Nearing.  [Read More]

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